Organic Environment Practice
Organic Environment Practice

Hi! This is a scene I put together tonight in about 5 hours, using assets from my old CGMA with Anthony Vaccaro which I never ended up finishing, so I decided to revive the old assets and build up a scene close to what I envisioned during the course. The assets themselves are quite rough but I think they came together well enough to make a post about!

My main focus here was stretching a few assets as far as I could, and just a relaxing level art focused exercise to practice layout and composition! I will add some breakdowns later, but behind the scenes is pretty messy :)

This scene contains no Megascans assets, the tree canopy was pulled from SpeedTree library and used to model a few trees in SpeedTree.
The Waterfalls are from the UE4 Asset Store, named 'Waterfall Tool by James Stone'

Hope you enjoy it!

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